yardens emotional and physical circuitry


Yardens circutry circuitry.png

Yarden Zamir
I'm good at giving myself what I want, my sensitivity to my inner self is very high. Many times there is good correlation between what I want and what I need, like with food, with phisical movement, phisical touch and closeness (most things phsical are synced) but when it comes to my emotional needs it's more disconnected, meaning the stuff that I need emotionally do not translate directly to want, and because my want is my biggest drive to action, I don't act / don't know how to act in favor of my emotional needs. This is why I'm looking for solidity in others

the echo chamber - I am very good at holding and giving space, and I can be there for a person, especially and specifically a person I love very much. A lot. The problem is that, and that one is a bit complicated, I cannot give space to reactions of me needing space. Ie, if I need space and you can't give it (which brings a reaction that in itself needs space) I will not be able to hold that at all (or as much)

solidity - at a basic level I want someone who i can relay on when I need, a translation of that is that I want the process of realying on someonee when a need arises to be possible.

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