Workflow implementation using Digital Mindfield

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This is my implementation of Digital Mindfield Manifest

Processing canvas

I will be using to fill this role as it is reliable, fast, easy to use and is entirely* under my control.


Admonitions and Marks

  • [i] Information
  • Cancelled
  • [<] Scheduled
  • [>] Rescheduled/Forwarded
  • [?] Question
  • [!] Important
    ↖️ Location - used to indicate context
  • Task
  • Task
    admonitions will use those with excerpts or stand alone
  • [?] example question - Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Vestibulum id dignissim massa, at tempor lacus. Maecenas vel hendrerit orci, sit amet sagittis purus.

File Structure Hierarchy and Organization


Files are storage for information captured, annotated, fabricated, or otherwise relevant to you and to their corresponding context (folder)

  • All information should relate to you, the idea is not to capture objective concepts, as that is already done by Wikipedia but instead capture and fabricate information of your own using external sources.
    • Examples:
      • When learning capture external information such as formulas and rules only in relation to active learning. The job of collecting useful external tools should be delegated away from your Processing canvas and into a Launcher of sorts


Tags play the role of collections or types

  • A new [idea] can be of the collection [seeds] but is not bound to a specific context (folder) and instead can be found anywhere around the vault
  • This as opposed to a [dirt] which would not work when taken out of the context of [Minecraft] for example


Folders play the role of contexts

  • A new entry can be valuable and meaningful only in specific context, one can specify context in file name, or instead place said entry in a folder structure that describes context so that to group context groups together
  • I can have [Axe], [Sword], [Shovel] in root, which would mean that I describes those concept's relation and significance to me or in [Minecraft] which would describe those concepts as relate to minecraft and also to me (in that order).
  • I can have [Minecraft Axe] or [Minecraft/Axe], both of those are valid entries.
  • It would usually be preferable is more than one entry exsists in a given context to use the later (folder) ie, explicitly define context
  • It is desirable to not create context when none is needed, most entries should be describable in root with the context of how they relate to you

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