Wintergatan Productivity theory


How to achieve goals: Goal setting theory

Setting a Goal Can Help a Lot

  1. The types of goals are very important - set better goals
  2. How do we set better goals?
    1. Separate externalised or internalise goals
      1. External - i'm going to win x - fragile
      2. Internal - I'm gonna y in the best way I can to the best of my ability to give myself the highest chance achieving x - stuff I can control - firm
    2. Size of goals
    3. Small step goals
  3. How to stay focused - how to improve focuse

Quality of Focus

don't focus on the quality of my work, but focus on the quality of my focus"

You cannot change the fact that dopamine is going to control your behavior, but you can change what behavior you allow it to point you towards"

keyword - dopamin - dopamin controls the ease at which a person would want to work/focus on a specific object/task. How much risk we would be ready to take.


"The mere thought of checking whatsapp is more rewarding than bending pmma pipes"

  1. deliberately reduce domain intake
    1. Perform a dopamine detox - training my ability to cope with lower dopamine levels
    2. Finding bad dopamine inducing activity
      1. examples:
        1. Can't stand the silence, dependent on music or youtube vids
    3. example rules
      1. check messages once in the morning and one in the night, the rest of the time phone is off.
      2. If bored [or maybe just unfocused] - Drink water, go for a walk, train piano then go back to work.

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