Why we should have control over our minds

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↖️ The Sovereign Mind

Let us first answer the inverse question, why we should not attempt to have control over our minds. There are a few good arguments here, many of them stem from the core of 'nature' ie, we should let our body and mind be in their natural state, we evolved to deal with reality very well so we should just let our nature guide us through and we would be the most complete, comfortable and satisfied. This is all very logical and even correct, but it's based on an assumption that is incorrect at it's core, that the world we evolved to deal with is the same world we built for ourselves now.

A Beautiful Machine for an Ugly World

I don't think our world us ugly at all but this title came to mind so we'll stay with it for now

We are indeed a beautifully intricate machine that is very efficient at going through the world, surviving, building, laughing and expanding. As mentioned earlier though, the world we have now is extremely different from the world our bodies and brains know what to do with, making our lives infinitely more difficult and complicated, because at it's core, acting against our nature, which is what we seemingly have to do to exist in this world, is an uphill battle with constant struggle.

It is in your hands

An antidote to this chaos is creating a loose structure, an interpreter, a membrane between us and the world that puts us in a position to act in accordance to our nature and still have an active part in life. Find out what your nature needs, and find ways bridge those needs with your goals, your games and your part in society. Ask yourself then: how do I use technology in a way that doesn't trample my nature? How do I work in a modern structured job without suffering the contrast from my most basic evolution? How do I manage my nutrition and intake when I can have whatever I want, whenever I want? (and am not built to handle said whatever)

Change my mind!