The vesserate vein transfusion project

Setting: The Tower


A simple "connect the dots procedure" that should be trivial, soon develops into anything but. A complex fast pace narrative full of intrigue, alliances, backstabbing and deadly combat, collapses towards a zero-point from which there is no turning back.

  • Sessions: ~2-3
  • Session length: ~6+ hours
  • Player characters: 3
    • Lord Elion Valestra - In the bustling, high-society circles of Aeloria (76), Lord Elion Valestra is the talk of the level: a young, wealthy heartthrob with a jawline that could practically cut glass and an even sharper fashion sense. Young, wealthy, and handsome. He has the world at his well-polished fingertips, including and not limited to possible...
      Lord Elion Valestra.png
    • Lorian warchild - The diplomat dualist - In the cutthroat political landscape of the Tower, diplomacy is a game best played with grace and tact, qualities Lorian Warchild has honed since childhood. A prodigy of negotiation, with an intuitive understanding of the delicate dance of diplomacy, Lorian thrives in the intricate web of alliances and politics within the Tower. Yet, behind the eloquent words and charming smile, there exists a...
      Lorian warchild - The diplomat dualist.png
    • Caden Veinweaver - In the labyrinthine reaches of the tower, I am known, an unmatched engineer, a veinweaver and shrewd manipulator, driven by a... Caden Veinweaver.png
  • System: DRD 0.1, 0.2,
  • Current state: played first two sessions with Lioz, Tom and Dvir

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