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dates/2022/02/13/migration seeds/games

Idea - use kotlin/compose to write a game that is an app with a fake desktop UI with terminal and internet and deep story.

Background:: you are a vigilante by night character in a future society where the internet is decided into clusters for "safety" from hackers and malicious AI

The player is a spreadsheet worker in cluster #4409

You can finish the whole game without hacking or scripting

You only control what the main character does in the computer


  • unreliable narrator
  • time based
    Gameplay loop :: [
  • day job
  • uncovering the story
  • beeing hacked
  • hacking

work the player Has to do:

  • Has to be no more than ten mins
  • Has to be simple enough but still challenging
  • Ideas
    • Sort all of the people of ages under 18 that have Rating: under a specific amount

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