Sweetpotato carrot mash with garlic and pecans

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A mashed sweetpotato and carrots dish with a lot of garlic and baked pecans

ingredients per pan (up to 4 people)

  • ⁠4 ish yams
  • ⁠4 ish carrots
  • ⁠2 heads of garlic
  • ⁠300 gram pecans
  • ⁠cinnamon
  • ⁠sweet paprika
  • ⁠spicy red chilly
  • bonus: 3 bell peppers split to 4 or 5 slices to use as advanced delivery mechanism


  1. ⁠dice the yams and carrots as small as you can while keeping them uniform so they dont burn (small means fast to cook, big means fast to cut, do your calculations for what works for you)
  2. ⁠mix in a bowl with salt, pepper, olive oil, paprika, red chilly flakes
  3. ⁠put in oven (until almost burned)
  4. ⁠mix garlic and pecans in the same bowl with more of the same spices but slightly more salt than you think
  5. ⁠put in oven (for about ten to fifteen minutes) (can be put on top of the sweetpotatoes)
  6. put in bowl add a lot of butter / coconut butter (roughly 50 to 75 grams)
  7. ⁠mash together, doesn't need to turn into complete uniform paste, even just a little mashing is enough


  • because yams (sweet potatoes) have very variable size exact numbers are hard, just try to fill the pan and keep a roughly 3 to 1 or 4 to 1 ratio between the yams and the carrots
  • if the mix is too sweet for you you can add potatoes, although I find it less interesting
  • do not involve water in any step above washing things, we do not want to steam anything
  • i usually peal the carrots because its easier and faster than washing them properly, and I usually wash the yams for the opposite reason, either way it doesn't matter too much so choose your poison
  • works really well with Slow fried onions and mushrooms

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