Shower Thought How can we capitalize

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Shower thought is such a prominent phenomenon that it became a word, a part of the culture. The effect of having random interesting thoughts you would not usually have when being alone in the shower.

Because shower is the only time in the day that we are not stimulated from the outside and are not able to interact with much of the world we are left with interacting with ourselves - physically but also mentally. This is a fertile soil for healthy ideas and thoughts, for de-stressing by processing all of the things happening around us in this frantic reality and for unorganized planning.

All of this is well and good, and many people advise to take baths for example as the effect is more prominent and to do so more often, etc. You would be surprised by how much of that sort of thing is found in productivity guides. But what if we get to the root of the matter, what if we make a formula, a way to reach "shower thought" independently.

Now it probably sounds really simple, as we said earlier, no outside stimulation = forced to be with yourself. But we as humans are not good with not being stimulated when we have the ability to. That itch you feel if you stand for a second without something to do and then you reach for your phone? Yea that sort of thing.
Action Potential

So if is so hard, what can we do to make it easier? Reduce friction? A few things. First, we can look at how it is already done in meditation, then we'll look closer it why it's so trivial in the shower and ...


The effect is so easily achieved in the shower because you are forced to be in that state of no stimulation, of course if you bring a waterproof speaker in then you fucked it but that's beside the point, which is high friction, when you are in the shower any outside interaction hard / impossible to do.

We can try to emulate that be

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