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Um.. Who is Yarden?


What Are You Doing Yarden? What is This Place?

This is my attempt of making my writing Public by default, putting the friction point on hiding rather than sharing and increasing the Action Potential of my desired goal, which in this case is to avoid keeping "secret" things that have no specific reason to be thus.

Half Baked

The nature of Public by default means that most of the "content" here is unpolished ideas and tangents, that's alright

Some Random Links to Start Exploring

Get a feel for what I want this sandbox to feel like
Action Potential Model
I bought winrar
basic veggies and protein daily
A reeds tale
Yarden defeating his biggest enemy
Branch based writing
Shower Thought How can we capitalize
The Tower
Games are evil

Open Source though??

I think it would be cool to think, if already in a public way, also in an open one. Anyone can "fork my mind" or change it with a pull request, I really like that idea. Anyone can raise issues with my thinking (or with me in general I guess, that would funny)

Ok, but How?

Using obsidian-zola-plus which is my fork of rockmanvnx6's fork of obsidian-zola which uses Zola, elasticlunr and Obsidian-export. I use GitHub for content and history, Netlify for hosting, Giscuss for comments and some python scripts for content manipulation

What is in Here?

Ideas, thoughts, write-ups, brainstorming

What is Not in Here?

Journals, people notes, other stuff I'm not brave enough to share yet

Change my mind!