Protocols, manifests, plans and canvases

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There are a few recurring tools I find myself using when organizing my life, the main ones are Protocols, Manifests and plans

The protocol system

A protocol is something I construct that guides me in specific directions, I can't trust myself to be in control and looking ahead all the time so sitting once in a while, constructing a protocol around what I believe I should focus on lets me stay in an actionable path instead of rewriting the path itself over and over.

A protocol is usually very actionable, throughout the years I distilled it down to three concepts, Focus, Pillars and implementations


The focus of the protocol is what I want to put under a microscope, the thing I want to invest the most amount of energy exploring/maintaining/constructing this time


The pillars of the workflow are topics that I feel need to be put in the light and worked on during this protocol


Implementations are the actions I am going to take in order to work on my pillars. The catch is that each implementation has to be related to two pillars, it can't rely on just one, and I usually try to keep the amount of connections balanced.

Change my mind!