Protocol PEAK

dates/2021/11/9 protocols

Working to make a pattern of living that's sustainable and pushes me forward. based on my Protocol system.


  • Working on the things I care about
    • DiscordGithub-Bridge
    • Workflow v4
    • etc...
  • Dedicating time, but not too much time!
  • Making sure to take notes and document as much as possible, whether it be in Secret/github or


Even though I want to code/consume media all day, I should start interacting more as it makes me feel better almost always


Adopt some form of Meditation as it's universally regarded as a really useful tool.


Trying out Keto again in some form or another because last time I was under it was a really good time overall
Cooking for myself

  • And others

Physical Activity

  • Figure out a simple way to work out
  • Biking
  • Running
  • Push-ups
  • Time
  • Before work (If I wake up early. Sleep)
  • After work
  • Because of my new arrangement with Oria beker I have time between 12:00 and 1:15, that would work perfectly for a workout


Read and take notes on anything, preferably a book


Using Workflow v4
Pushing myself to reflect and plan my life
Getting a grip of what is going on to me and around me
I want to write one writeup per week, up to a point that it can be publicly posted


Sleep no more than 8 hours, no less than 7.
Try to go to sleep at 22:00 / 22:30 and wake up at around 6:00


Make sure to listen to myself, the rules here are malleable
I'm not supposed to suffer, I'm supposed to develop

Change my mind!