Protocol PEAK.2

dates/2022/04/09 protocols


The core of my life, the thing I will be focusing on in this protocol is work/life balance


I will put as much effort as I can into my Job at Qlik and try to be the best I can be, but when I'm off hours I'll let myself have time to unwind and relax


I don't want to keep doing Keto even though I'm convinced it gave me a lot and would give me a lot if I were to continue, I want to do something less strict but also get some of the benefits I had in keto, my thoughts were around Time Restricted Feeding plus Low Carb Diet which coupled with my acquired keto adaptiveness hopefully will keep me in ketosis for much of the day

Physical Activity

  • I will Bike to Work
  • I will start Climbing again
  • I will start Yoga


Using My digital mindfield I will push myself to develop a healthy writing habit
I also want to do write-ups so many start a Blog


Adopt some form of Meditation as it's universally regarded as a really useful tool.


Sleep no more than 8 hours, no less than 7.
Try to go to sleep at 22:00 / 22:30 and wake up at around 6:00


Make sure to listen to myself, the rules here are malleable
I'm not supposed to suffer, I'm supposed to develop

Change my mind!