Protocol MOVE

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I already have Protocol PEAK.2 which I generally follow, but after recently discovering Contact, eating tomatoes and changing my mindset about many things I find that I may need slightly different guidance

[!NOTE] Development in the Protocol system
Every protocol includes core pillars for things I want to focus on in that protocol, I think a good trait to add would be the need to connect each pillar to at least two other pillars and at the same time not have more than ten pillars. This will cause the pillars to reinforce each other. I'll try it here, we'll see how it goes

[!warning] Listen
Make sure to listen to myself, the rules here are malleable I'm not supposed to suffer, I'm supposed to develop


The thing this protocol will be focused on is human connection and movement


Do Contact as much as I have time to, there is much value in this new avenue for me, I am fascinated in a way that is slightly new to me

I will officially put Climbing aside for now

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Human Connection

Contact is one way. Also talking to people I won't usually talk to.

Go back to the habit (or rule) of calling someone random when going home from work

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I cook dinner every day, but I also want to meal prep for work as at work I usually order or eat out

Also, reducing Sugar, I find myself eating more than I should when in the office, could be related to not cooking enough I guess? If I don't eat enough I want to supplement.


I tried a few times to construct a way to write consistently so far with around 0 success. I believe I need to just accept that it won't be natural at first, instead I will just do it every morning, which is hard because I am always excited (or stressed?) to start Work in the morning
Writing>Human connection because, while I don't like it, I am vain and I notice how much people are in awe of my writing system so < while this is true, this doesn't actually increase human connection very much, just appreciation and social rank maybe (which is cool but not what I am after atm)

Public Self

I want to be more open to the outside world, in a passive way. Right now to interact with the world I need to go out of my way, I want the default to be more public and ready for interaction

publishing my writing by default is one way to do it, even though it scares me, I think it should be done. This feeds with my friction theory

dancing in contact is also one way to do it
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Something that I thought about a lot is how much, while I enjoy media it eats my desired self slowly at the same time.

One direction to exploring this issue is attempting to consume media only when with friends.

Another direction would be consuming media only when cleaning the apartment

Cleaning Apartment

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This is somewhat due to a conversation with Yonatan Rubin that also lead me to eat a tomato which leads me to want to attempt more things of the sort. I do think that the implosive nature of the tomato situation is the key here, so it's harder if it's a constant slow challenge, but I will try those as well anyway.
Moving to linux - could be spur of the moment thing? I can do it with a friend around, it will cause me to be more aggressive about it, which should be good.
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Change my mind!