Protocol 12

dates/2022/02/13/migration protocols

  • Rules
    • Make food
    • Write
    • Sun time
    • Talk to people
    • Reduce media
      • every day, remove one sort of media and try to live without it.
      • The media that I do have I can consume however and whenever I want as long as I comply with the rest of Rules
      • ~Gamified Elements
    • Meditate
    • Sleep
    • Listen
      • Make sure to listen to myself, the rules here are malleable
      • I'm not supposed to suffer, I'm supposed to develop
    • Work
    • Have an idea and act on it
      • When I have an idea, minimize it to a one day build and make it happen
      • ~Exampleβ†’I just had an idea of making the daily scoring automatic
        • I could analyze remnote dynamically and send a push notification with result or combine remnote with microsoft todo
        • instead, what I should do is find a way to make it easier, for example, an excel sheet, that would be really easy to make and to use.
          • If I want to integrate that into other stuff as well that's alright, after the first part is finished and working the next part is a new idea and project for a new day
      • ~Gamified Elements
    • Bed is for sleep or sex
    • TODO

Change my mind!