Protocol 10

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Protocol 10


1. Make Good Food

  • follow Nutrition research and stay low carbs

2. Go for Walks

  • should occur naturally because I need to buy food

3. Talk to People

  • Have meaningful interaction with two people
    • not for too long and not too much

4. Low Media

  • Reduce media, consume media only every other day, and for no more than two hours Citation Needed]]

5. Meditate

  • Practice some form of Meditation or mindfulness at least once a day#

6. Sleep

  • go to sleep early and wake up early
    • maybe go to sleep at 8 or 9 and wake up at 5? Citation Needed

7. Listen

  • Make sure to listen to myself, the rules here are malleable
  • I'm not supposed to suffer, I'm supposed to develop

8. Write

  • Log how I feel
    • mentally
    • physically

9. Read

10. Clean

Change my mind!