personal storage system


I've always been a man of pockets, I cannot stomach going around without pockets and I really like the idea of being ready to as many things as I can be without disrupting my day to day life.

I've stumbled upon this video from @BenVallack and it made me want to think about all of this in a more organized and systematic way.


The goal of having a personal storage system is to simplify as many processes in your life as possible and arranging your items and belongings in the place where they can produce the most value for you.

The three layers of access

In your room of activity (bedroom, workstation, kitchen, etc)

Those are accessible when you are in your personal physical space (house, office, car, etc), and easy to use when in the specific activity room.

Anything that is in your personal physical space should ideally be restricted to a room of activity if possible. This is to reduce the amount of time you spend looking for things and to reduce the amount of time you spend moving things around.

In your backpack

Those are accessible when you are outside of your house, and easy to use when in your backpack.

I ideally like to carry my backpack with me as much as I can because there is a limit to how much utility I can have in my pockets and that limit is lower than the amount of utility I want to have access to at any given time.

In your pockets / on your person

Those are the things you have with you at all times until you go to sleep. Those things are very easily accessed, very easily used and very easily lost.



  • keys
  • wallet
    • cards
    • multitool card
  • phone
  • watch
  • glasses
  • glass wipe
  • kindle


  • laptop
  • charging brick
  • charging cable (USB-C to magsafe)
  • charging cable (USB-C to USB-C) (if I find a really good one I can git rid of the magsafe)
  • cloths (one day worth) (in case I decide to sleep somewhere that's not my home or I need to change cloths)
  • water bottle (at least 1.5L)
  • gas canister
  • foldable stove
  • metal mug (400ml) that can be used for brewing
  • coffee
  • paracord
  • rubber bands
  • hdmi cable
  • lighter
  • pen
  • dice
  • keep talking and nobody explodes manuals

Change my mind!