Jordan Peterson 12 Rules for Life


Jordan B. Peterson



unconscious, projection, psychoanalysis, the regressive potential of group psychology, — location: 200 ^ref-55652

upvote those answers they like, and downvote those they don’t. In this manner, the most useful answers — location: 348 ^ref-23990

They will fight, instead, to maintain the match between what they believe, what they expect, and what they desire. — location: 435 ^ref-9597

It is far better to render Beings in your care competent than to protect them. — location: 1286 ^ref-28330

generation of social psychologists recommended “positive illusions” as the only reliable route to mental health.69 Their credo? — location: 1890 ^ref-40772

Do you ask yourself what you want? Do you negotiate fairly with yourself? Or are you a tyrant, with yourself as slave? — location: 1949 ^ref-29872

When you have something to say, silence is a lie—and — location: 1966 ^ref-28820

worse boss. Maybe you need to say to yourself, “OK. I know we haven’t gotten along very well in the past. I’m sorry about that. I’m trying to improve. I’ll probably make some more mistakes along the way, but I’ll try to listen if you object. I’ll try to learn. I noticed, just now, today, that you weren’t really jumping at the opportunity to help when I asked. Is there something I could offer in return for your cooperation? — location: 2026 ^ref-30176

You are, on the one hand, the most complex thing in the entire universe, and on the other, someone who can’t even set the clock on your microwave. — location: 2269 ^ref-17218

“What could I do, that I would do, to make Life a little better?” — location: 2274 ^ref-17155

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