infrastructure based world

dates/2022/02/13/migration seeds/worldbuilding

  • The world is based around infrastructure
  • There is a huge volcano in what's called "the center of the world" which contains strong magnets and rare metals that the people use for many advanced uses
  • To collect ore, the miners attach a device on rabbits, the device is made from a sensitive magnet and some special worms in a cage, the worms feed off the sweat of the rabbit but cannot live on it for too long, the rabbits go around the land until the magnet finds something and pushes down a bit thus opening the small cage so that a few worms can come out and feed the rabbit. After a month from releasing the rabbits, the miners go around and search for rabbit holes and families, and start digging there.
  • Books are a stack of papers with holes in them for letters, they are held together with semi-elastic string at the bottom and leather up to three quarters of the paper's length. when you pull a page the string at the bottom stretches.
  • To transfer energy there are spinning rods stretching on poles that spin, they get their energy from the energy centers where there are huge wheels with people connected to them, the people have magnetic boots that allow them to move along the walls and ceilings, then they spin the huge wheels and generate power. The power lines are electrified to keep them safe, they get the electricity from the eel farms.
  • Fire is forbidden to people that are not of the government, and thus, light is delivered through a network of mirrors that sources it's light in Firefly farms, Aurora catching factories and sometimes man-made fires.

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