I bought winrar

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Wtf? why? let me tell you

So, not too long ago I did a full computer reset, something I do every year or three, all was well and good until I decided to download a Winrar alternative, the reasons behind it vary from not wanting to bother downloading a cracked version because I haven't set up Jackett yet, not wanting to be stuck with popups for a while (until I get annoyed) and of course, part of the main reason for a reset in the first place, trying some new stuff.

Now, I tried a few before, none of them were awful, all came exactly slightly short, this time I found one called teazip, an open source solution. Online on reddit and such it looked like it should work just as well.

It didn't

The end

Also, I found myself thinking about how much utility I get from this program, I use it almost every other day when working around in the computer. What if I just, payed money? Payed money to something I use often, something resilient, a tool that proved itself many times.

Change my mind!