Can coffee save humanity?

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What is your favorite drive for human progress? I have a weird feeling you may be able to guess mine, even when you may not guess why, as I have a feeling you are pretty good at title reading at this point in your life. I won't contradict you, even though I want to because it's true, my favorite drive for human progress is coffee.

To be clear, when I say favorite, I don't mean it's the strongest, fastest, or even the coolest drive, but it is my favorite, and I'll explain a bit on why right away, before that though, a little background.

(health, productivity, types of social interaction)

In many phases from the Middle Ages and the industrial revolution era, there was a big problem with clean water, specifically in bigger cities. Such a big problem, in fact, that in many areas the core fluid intake of the populace would consist in no small part of alcoholic beverages as those were more "guaranteed" to be clean. In addition to the aspect of survival in this element (which is unfortunately not as big as it's sometimes made out to be) there was the social and pastime element. What would you do after a hard day's work in the field? A had day's work in the early soot filled factories? You would hop on with your friends to your favorite intoxication spot and drown your brain in whatever was available. This was not only an end of day activity, but a midday one as well. This as you can imagine, was not the best for productivity, and it was not the best for the health of the populace either.

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