basic veggies and protein daily

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This is the framework for my usual meal at the end of the day.


  • 400g to 1k (depending on their density) of veggies easily acquired as frozen bags you can get really cheaply
  • protein, either...
    • 300g to 400g of tofu
      • 13% protein at least, some packages have less (meaning more water) so don't buy those
    • 350 to 450g of ground beef
      • 14% to 20% protein, depending on fat content
      • prefer 25% to 35% fat
    • 2 to 3 cans of tuna
      • 25% protein (after removing water content)
      • get the ones with water as the ones with oil come with cheap vegetable oil that's pretty bad, or olive oil that's expensive.
        • drain the water and compensate with the olive oil
  • a generous amount of olive oil
    • less if went with meat
  • spices
    • sweet paprica
      • around 1 to 4 spoons
      • not the spicy one even if you like spicy food, add spice through other means, sweet paprica has very specific personality and spicy one has less of that
    • curry
      • 0.4 to 1 big spoons
      • get the big containers they will last you a while
      • if going with mae ploy, i find that the green and red are good but the yellow has less presence (but is still spicy)
      • usually has a lot of salt so put less salt the more curry you add


  • onions
    • around 1 to 69 onions is best
    • fry them as long as you have patience for
    • the smaller you cut them the faster they caramelise but the less onion texture you have (a good tradeoff usually)
  • carrots / sweet potatoes / even potatoes (although less tasty if added at the end)
    • cheap and easy to wash and cut so they are a great addition
    • can be added at the beginning and add sweetness to the dish
    • can be added at the end to add crunchy awesomeness to the dish
    • if you wash them well you don't need to peel them
  • green apple
    • add at the very end to create an awesome contrast with the spicy/salty to the sweet/sour. Trust me, it works
  • coconut cream
    • add a much welcomed creaminess and helps bind the dish together
    • I like to let it steam a bit of it's water content out to make it a tad more viscuos
    • at least 20% fat
    • you can get 250ml box per meal
  • peanut butter
    • the natural one
    • one spoon is enough, usually, unless you want it to take over
  • parsley
    • if you have the time, a head of parsley brings this dish to new levels
  • garlic
  • cinnamon
  • mushrooms
    • can be added early to add their taste but lose their personality
    • can be added at the end to get their texture and mouth-feel



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