Action Potential model

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Action Potential = Energy (Perceived Value / Friction)

Why We Do What We Do - a Model

This model is based on the view that we make micro and macro calculations all the time, specifically in a way that is not directly known to us, and that by understanding those processes, simple or complex as they may be, we can very actively improve our lives, and more specifically our agency when it comes to their layout. One way i believe we can do so is using the view of action potential to look at what we do and how we can influence it.

At any given moment, big or small, we calculate what out next step, micro or macro is going to be. Our brains keep a score of the "potential" for each given action, then goes with one from the "top" of the list.

An Action desire is that thing that your "higher mind" strives for, that thing you want to want. I call that higher mind The Sovereign Mind and like any sovereign, while it can sit on it's throne snugly, it cannot feasibly interact with the world itself, and needs to do so through many layers of government, administration, advisors and rebellions. And even then the result will be conveyed to him through many channels in turn. We must assume that we do not have practical direct access to objective knowledge, and we must in turn assume we do not, or almost do not have practical access to what are our direct mind vectors of action. The only way we effect that vector, that Action Potential is through manipulating the values around it. Something we already do automatically, but something that I argue, we should do intentionally and directly. In general I believe you should let your nature govern you towards what is right when that nature is built to deal with things you encounter, an issue that arises here (and in many cases) is that we created a reality that is amazing, but that is so far ahead from what our bodies evolved to deal with, that it causes many issues if we just do "what feels natural" all of the time. And so to counteract that, one must take control of their own mind, realize it's ticks and turns, and play by the rules of that game towards the most interesting goal one can muster.

Sidenote: why do I mention that value is perceived value but friction is just that, friction?

I look at friction as that subjective thing that takes place at the moment itself, that actual element that stand in your way. It is not necessarily the difficulty of the task, but the difficulty of committing to that task (which is then affected by the perceived difficulty of the task too). Remember, we are talking about action potential, not about action. Meaning that you can have a high action potential to be the best rock paper sizors player in the world but that does not mean the

Functional Use - How to Do Things

Sometimes there is something we dearly want to do but find ourselves again and again avoiding. To change that we need to take a look at the evaluation that our brains go though when avoiding or taking such activities Action Potential = Energy (Perceived Value / Friction) and take it apart step by step, then work to reinstate our mindset with this as a principle

We have an Action Desire which doesn't correlate with the Action Potential for this same action, to make it correlate there are a few things we can play with.

  • Manipulate perceived value of action
  • Manipulate friction of action
  • Manipulate perceived value of inverse action
  • Manipulate friction of inverse action
  • Manipulate available energy for completing the action

[!IDEA] Random tangent - how would this look with Branch based writing?

  • Manipulate [Action's, Inverse Action's]
    • perceived value
    • friction
      Tangent update : this does not work when adding elements to the parents in the list which are not parents of the same element types.

The Action's Attributes

The easiest way we know to "motivate" ourselves is to modify the existing actions attributes. This is the classic approach

Perceived Value

We can increase the perceived value of an action by using different actions to increase the Action Potential, we can do that by thinking how amazing it would be to preform such action and how many rewards we would reap afterwards, we can promise ourselves things, lie to ourselves, make the value proposition high which in turn makes us more likely to go though.

Friction (or Perceived Difficulty, Price )

We can reduce friction of the action with other actions by doing some of the process ahead of time, removing things that stand in the way, removing distractions, making the situation more clear (when things are unclear or uncertain we tend to avoid taking action = increase friction).

The Environment Attributes

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