A reeds tale


Stay a while and listen to a short, snappy, and morally questionable tale of a lonely reed, a cane cracked, and out of sync, a good friend to not but one, and even that, himself. Would you like some sugar? He would ask the frog. The frog would know he tells no truth and leave. Would you come and reed? He asks the princess. He kept on by as words she well knew. Slowly approaching, he asked the old man, would you like a friend? And so, they left together, the old man and his cane.

doesn't work as well in english, as it's based on a biblical Hebrew saying "משענת קנה רצוץ" which roughly translates to "a flimsy reed cane" or something like that. The meaning is a thing or a person that cannot be leaned on / relied upon as it breaks easily

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